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Dear European Partners, dear Customers Baltic-Adriatic General Assembly, PMO and Railway Undertakings and Terminals Advisory Groups Speakers are glad to announce that the 2020 RAG-TAG meeting will take place on 26 November 2020.   The meeting will take place as a MS Teams 3-sessions conference:   RAG Workshop: integrated Train Performance Management (09:00-11:00) ... Read More
23 Ottobre 2020Simona Di Loreto


We are glad to announce that our Annual Report for the activities 2019 is now available on line and has just been updated! It can be downloaded from our Customer Information Platform from this link We invite you to read it as well as to explore the other information that the Customer ... Read More
17 Luglio 2020Simona Di Loreto


The annual meeting of the RAG-TAG of RFC Baltic-Adriatic has taken place in Warsaw on October 10th The meeting was an excellent occasion for the partners Railway Undertakings, Terminals and Ports to meet the partly renovated management of the RFC and to start a fruitful cooperation. Many topics were discussed during the ... Read More
10 Ottobre 2019Simona Di Loreto