The main source of information about corridor is the Corridor Information Document (CID). This document provides information about the basic structure of the rules and procedures on Baltic – Adriatic corridor. Until 2020 (covering information until timetable 2021).

It consisted of 5 Books ( Book 1: Generalities, Book 2: Network Statement Excerpts, Book 3: Terminal Description, Book 4, Procedures for Capacity Management and Traffic Management  and Book 5: Implementation Plan)

In 2020, the community of Rail Freight Corridors has worked with the purpose of providing the most possible simplification and user-friendliness, reaching the following goals:

  • From 2021 (therefore, for the CID valid for TT 2022) the first 4 Books are merged in a unique
  • document; the current version, published on 11 January 2021 can be found here;
  • A digitalized version of the same book will be soon available
  • Book V will remain a separate document. The current valid version is available here

For additional information on Terminals, you can visit the Rail Facilities Portal

The archive of last 3 timetable years valid CIDs can be found in CIP